Vitamin C Deficiency

Unlike many animal species, humans are unable to produce vitamin C themselves as they lack the corresponding enzyme. Vitamin C is therefore one of the essential vitamins and must be taken in with food. A vitamin C deficiency can cause a variety of physical complaints and should be balanced according to the needs of the individual.

Symptoms of a vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C is involved in a variety of physical processes.
The following symptoms can occur with a vitamin C deficiency:

Compensate for vitamin C deficiency

It is advisable to have your micronutrients tested occasionally to detect a vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C can be detected in a blood or urine test.

If a vitamin C deficiency is detected, dietary supplements and infusion therapy can be considered. The indication, choice of remedy and dosage should be in the hands of a competent doctor.

It is also important to look for problems with absorption and intestinal disorders. In many cases, intestinal cleansing and optimisation of the intestinal flora can be beneficial.

Dr. med. Karsten Ostermann M.A.

Vitamin C is an important cofactor for many physical processes. A vitamin C deficiency should be individually monitored and counterbalanced in order to avoid detrimental imbalances.

Dr. Karsten Ostermann

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