INUSpheresis® is a blood purification process in which disease-causing substances are specifically filtered out of the blood. This is an effective filtering process with a high therapeutic benefit.

The high-tech and at the same time natural filter systems of INUSpheresis® are the result of 20 years of research. The blood is completely filtered so that environmental toxins, pathological proteins or immune complexes can leave the body very effectively.

According to various leading doctors, it is the most effective and fastest way of detoxification.

What is INUSpheresis®?

INUSpheresis® is a type of blood purification in which environmental toxins and harmful immune complexes are filtered out of the blood.

The procedure is part of double filtration plasmapheresis, whereby the filters used are able to remove a wide range of harmful substances and environmental toxins from the body. This is why INUSpheresis® is also known as environmental apheresis.

The INUSpheresis® filters are based on the active principle of a sea sponge. This unique structure enables fast and effective blood purification, which can be an enormous relief for chronically ill patients in particular.

At Alpine BioMedical, we combine INUSpheresis® with individually adapted accompanying measures, so that the therapeutic effect can be optimally adjusted.

Functionality and Procedure of INUSpheresis®

The principle of INUSpheresis® is based on double filtration plasmapheresis, whereby two filters are used.

The process is divided into several steps:

  1. The blood is taken from the arm vein of one arm.
  2. The solid components of the blood are separated from the liquid components (blood plasma). This is done with the pre-filter.
  3. The blood plasma enters the main filter, which is selected according to the patient’s clinical picture. In the main filter, the contaminating and harmful substances are filtered out of the bloodstream.
  4. The purified blood is returned via the arm vein of the other arm.
INUSpheresis function
INUSpheresis function

The duration of INUSpheresis® is approx. 2 to 3 hours and depends on individual factors such as blood viscosity or the size of the veins used.

Ideally, INUSpheresis® should be performed 2 to 4 times, with a one-day break between each treatment.

How does INUSpheresis® work?

INUSpheresis® works via different mechanisms that reinforce each other and make this method so effective. In addition to the effective filtration and purification of the blood, INUSpheresis® has a number of other health effects. We will discuss all the important effects below.

1. Filtering harmful substances

INUSpheresis® filters the harmful substances into the so-called eluate.

The eluate is therefore the filtered-out liquid residue, which is collected in a bag and can be tested after filtration.

Many thousands of such eluates have now been tested for their ingredients, which is why it is possible to say very precisely what can be filtered out of the bloodstream by INUSpheresis®. The exact ingredients are listed below.

2. Improving blood circulation

INUSpheresis® improves blood circulation throughout the entire body. This results in an improved cell supply with building blocks and oxygen and an easier removal of metabolic waste products. Not only the large vessels and small capillaries show increased blood flow (microcirculation), but also the fluidity of the blood itself is optimized. This further improves the detoxifying effect of INUSpheresis®.

3. Osmotic gradient

After all the blood has been purified by INUSpheresis®, an effect known as the osmotic gradient occurs. The purified blood ensures that the surrounding connective tissue, cells and mitochondria release their stored toxins into the bloodstream via a concentration gradient.

These additional effects can greatly improve the detoxification of the body.

The circulation of the body and the flow properties of the blood are optimized and the toxins flow into the blood capillaries via a concentration gradient.

In this way, INUSpheresis® can relieve important organs, such as the brain, and support recovery.

Cleansing of the Compartments

As mentioned above, INUSpheresis® has various effects on the organism.

  • Effective filtering of the blood
  • Improvement of blood circulation and the blood's ability to flow
  • Creation of an osmotic gradient, whereby the toxins flow from the contaminated cells into the filtered, clean blood.

These changes in the body mean that the various compartments, i.e. parts of the body, can be detoxified step by step.

Digression on the Compartments

There are various sub-areas in the body, separated by membranes, which are referred to as compartments.

1. Capillaries with the blood:

These form the outermost compartment, where INUSpheresis® carries out immediate filtering and purification. This area in particular is filtered during the first session.

2. Pischinger space with the extracellular matrix:

This space is located between the cells. Put very simply, its function is to transport nutrients to the cells and toxins and waste products away from the cells. They are transported away into the blood and lymph capillaries. This area is also cleansed by the first INUSpheresis® session, albeit less intensively than the capillary blood system.

3. Intracellular space:

This is the entire cellular distribution space, which is enclosed by the cell membranes.
After the first two outer compartments have been purified by INUSpheresis®, the cell deposits special tubules (porins) in the cell membrane. This storage of the porins lasts approximately 24 hours and serves to transport the toxins out of the cell into the Pischinger space. Consequently, the cell recognizes via receptors that its living space has been cleaned and adjusts the discharge of waste products via porins.

4. Mitochondria:

These form the deepest compartment and are located in the cell and are enclosed by a double membrane. Put simply, they are used to generate energy. The mitochondria also form porins in order to expel the toxins stored there via the intracellular space into the Pischinger space. Here too, the formation of porins takes about 24 hours.

In order for all compartments of the body to be detoxified effectively, correct planning of the INUSpheresis® sessions is necessary:

  1. First INUSpheresis®, which cleanses compartments one and two in particular.
  2. As the formation of the porins takes approx. 24 hours, a one-day break should be taken. During this time, the membranes of the cells and mitochondria can regenerate – porins and transport proteins are integrated.
  3. The second INUSpheresis® takes place on the third day. By adapting and regenerating the membranes, toxins and harmful substances are removed from the cells and mitochondria.

In this way, a large amount of toxins can be removed from the body within three days and two INUSpheresis® sessions.

Substances that are filtered out

The databases of the analyzed eluates show the following filtered out substances:

  • Aggressive inflammatory substances that activate and unbalance the immune system. These include, for example, C-reactive protein (CRP), TNF-alpha, alpha1-macroglobulin, Rantes.
  • Various pathological immune complexes such as antibodies and autoantibodies, which play an important role in autoimmune diseases.
  • Altered, harmful protein structures including the bound toxic substances
  • Cell debris and cellular waste products
  • Lipophilic pathogenic substances that are altered and oxidized. For example, oxidized lipoproteins and fatty acids. The bound toxins such as pesticides are also removed.
  • Heavy metals such as mercury or lead, which are often bound to albumin.
  • Light metals such as aluminum or titanium / titanium oxide
  • Pesticides, which are often bound to lipoproteins.
  • Harmful solvents
  • Various hydrocarbons, such as haptens.
  • Microplastics, silicones and plasticizers that have accumulated over many years. This is a particularly important issue for women with breast implants.
  • Nanoparticles
  • Colors from tattoos
  • Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites

In general, the harmful substances are present in the form of complexes and, depending on their molecular structure, bind to various structures circulating in the blood. To name a few, albumin-heavy metal complexes, lipoprotein-pesticide complexes, rheumatic complexes and immune complexes with bound toxins can be found.

These harmful substances burden all body cells with their mitochondria, block enzymes and influence hormonal and neuronal communication processes – just to name a few points. This can throw the body out of balance, which can result in various symptoms of illness.

If the organism is freed from this step by step, the physiological weight can be restored. Particularly when INUSpheresis® is incorporated into a well thought-out and integrative concept, rapid success is possible.

What does INUSpheresis® work on?

INUSpheresis® is particularly effective for chronic illnesses caused by environmental toxins.

Chronic illnesses are always based on toxicological and immunological imbalances. This is precisely where INUSpheresis® comes in, by effectively freeing the body of toxins and relieving the immune system.

  1. Chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases are characterized by a derailed immune system, which leads to pronounced blockages and dysregulation in the body. INUSpheresis® can filter out pathological, inflammatory molecules, thereby calming the immune system and restarting physiological processes. This makes targeted therapy possible again without excessive immune reactions.
  2. Patients with chronic exposure to toxins also show strong physical blockages and regulatory imbalances. Here too, INUSpheresis® therapies can ensure that the toxic load is reduced and physiological processes can take place. Detoxifying and strengthening measures that were not possible before can be integrated into the treatment after INUSpheresis®.
  3. In patients with a genetically limited detoxification capacity, more toxins are stored than can be eliminated. As a result, such people experience a creeping toxin load, which can sooner or later lead to illness. With regular INUSpheresis® treatments, the accumulation of toxins can be minimized, thus prophylactically preventing illness.
  4. Exposure to toxic substances and the function of the immune system go hand in hand. A substance that has a toxic effect on the body can lead to a defense at the level of the immune system. Consequently, patients with toxin exposure always have a certain derailment of the immune system. At the same time, patients with chronic immunological symptoms also have a toxicological problem.

Patients with long-standing chronic illnesses are very often difficult to treat because, among other things, the body is heavily burdened with toxins and the immune system is out of balance. Various approaches to therapy can lead to a significant deterioration in the condition, which is why treatments often have to be discontinued and do not lead to the desired result.

INUSpheresis® can be used ideally here and provide the patient with great relief.

Diseases and Symptoms

In general, all patients with chronic illnesses and a long health history can benefit from INUSpheresis®.

The key pro-inflammatory enzymes are lowered so that the entire aggressive immune cascade is down-regulated. Harmful toxins are filtered out, restoring physiological body functions and calming the immune system.

The exact clinical pictures and symptoms for which INUSpheresis® has shown success are as follows:

Long Covid / Post Covid

Various studies have shown evidence of an improvement in the health condition with Long Covid. This is due to the effective removal of immunologically active substances from the blood, which can cause Long Covid symptoms.

Studies on INUSpheresis® and Long Covid:

Chronic Exposure to Environmental Toxins

Patients with chronic exposure to toxins, e.g. mercury, lead, aluminum, pesticides, solvents, etc., can benefit from INUSpheresis®. The investigations of the eluates as well as various studies prove the detoxifying effect on the body.

Studies on INUSpheresis® and environmental impact:

Chronic Inflammation and Immune Disorders

Chronic inflammation and immune disorders often involve a pronounced imbalance in the immune system. This imbalance, in which the immune system often overreacts, should definitely be normalized. By filtering aggressive inflammatory substances, pathological immune complexes and altered protein structures, the immune system can be relieved and calmed.

Studies on INUSpheresis® and inflammation / immune disorders:

Support for Cancer

Double filtration apheresis, such as INUSpheresis®, is able to filter out messenger substances that suppress the immune system (so-called immunosuppressive factors) from the blood plasma. Such a procedure can additionally support cancer therapies and improve the outcome

INUSpheresis® is also helpful after completion of therapies with chemotherapeutic agents or during breaks in therapy. The toxic effect can be significantly minimized by filtering the blood and the body is relieved.

Studies on double filtration apheresis and tumor:

Autoimmune Diseases

As INUSpheresis® has the capability to filter autoantibodies from blood plasma, improvements in autoimmune diseases can be observed. Patients with conditions such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, Sjögren’s syndrome, Guillain-Barré syndrome, lupus, or myasthenia gravis may benefit from the integration of INUSpheresis® into the overall treatment plan.

Studies on double filtration apheresis and autoimmune diseases:

Elevated Blood Lipid Levels (Hypercholesterolemia)

Depending on the filter used, INUSpheresis® can be used to filter out various harmful lipid compounds from the blood plasma. This is particularly beneficial for the blood vessels and the heart.

Diseases of the Cardiovascular System

With the help of special filters, INUSpheresis® is able to filter out disease-relevant factors of the cardiovascular system. Problematic cholesterol, lipoproteins and triglycerols are removed from the blood into the eluate, thereby relieving the cardiovascular system.

Patients with arteriosclerosis, PAOD (peripheral arterial occlusive disease) or who have suffered a stroke or heart attack can benefit from INUSpheresis® therapy.

Studies on Inuspheresis® and cardiovascular diseases:

Disorders of the Microcirculation

Microcirculatory disorders can cause diseases such as macular degeneration, sudden hearing loss or tinnitus. Initial symptoms can also manifest themselves as cold hands and feet.
INUSpheresis® is able to improve the flow properties of the blood and thus also the microcirculation in the capillaries.

Studies on INUSpheresis® and microcirculation:

Different Conditions of Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

Various environmental toxins have been linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. For example, the insecticide and pesticide DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) has been found to cause Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Studies of the eluate have shown that INUSpheresis® filters DDT out of the blood.

The deposition of amyloids in the brain can also promote dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Double filtration apheresis is able to filter out the harmful amyloids from the blood plasma.

Studies on INUSpheresis® and Alzheimer’s / dementia:

Rheumatism and all Rheumatic Diseases

In most patients with rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis), “rheumatoid antibodies” are detected, which have a negative impact on the clinical picture.
With the help of INUSpheresis®, such antibodies can be effectively filtered out of the blood, which improves the symptoms.

Blood purification with INUSpheresis® can also provide effective relief for other rheumatic diseases, e.g. fibromyalgia, psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis, Sjögren’s syndrome, lupus or dermatomyositis.
Studies on INUSpheresis® and rheumatism / rheumatic forms:

Neurodegenerative Diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

As these diseases can generally have immunological as well as toxicological components, INUSpheresis® can be used to support the condition. It is important to note that INUSpheresis® is only one part of the overall integrative concept.

Studies on double filtration plasmapheresis and neurodegenerative diseases:

Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME-CFS)

Fatigue and ME-CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis – chronic fatigue syndrome) are characterized by extreme tiredness. If the fatigue lasts longer than 6 months, it is no longer referred to as fatigue, but as ME-CFS.

As fatigue and ME-CFS can be linked to the presence of various antibodies, autoantibodies and pro-inflammatory messengers, INUSpheresis® can provide effective relief.

Study on INUSpheresis® and fatigue / ME-CFS

Different Chronic Infections

INUSpheresis® can be effective for various chronic infections. For example, therapeutic effects can be seen in late Lyme disease, viral infections (such as EBV, hepatitis C, HIV) or chlamydia.
Harmful immune complexes and cytokines can be partially filtered out of the blood.

Studies on double filtration plasmapheresis and chronic infections:

Skin Diseases

INUSpheresis® can provide high-quality support for the treatment of skin diseases with immunological causes.

For example, double filtration plasmapheresis has proven its worth in skin diseases such as pemphigus, neurodermatitis (atopic eczema) or psoriasis.

Genetic Disorders of the Body's own Detoxification System

Patients with chronic exposure to toxins, e.g. mercury, lead, aluminum, pesticides, solvents, etc., can benefit from INUSpheresis®. Eluatem tests and various studies confirm the detoxifying effect on the body.

Nowadays, our body is exposed to many different toxins. As long as the body manages to expel more toxins than are absorbed, toxin accumulation does not occur – the chance of becoming chronically ill is correspondingly low.

Some people have a genetic disorder of the body’s own detoxification, which limits the breakdown and removal of toxins – the chance of developing a chronic illness increases.

People with such a genetic disorder should definitely keep their toxin exposure as low as possible and consider measures to support the body in detoxification.
Studies on INUSpheresis® and detoxification:

Integration into an Overall Concept

INUSpheresis® does not work according to the principle of “the more the better”.

Instead, it is important that INUSpheresis® is established in a well thought-out and effective practice concept.

  1. Detailed anamnesis and discussion of the medical history. In this way, various causes of the illness can be uncovered and discussed.
  2. Various laboratory tests
  3. Measurement of the eluate (filtered residue)
  4. Integration of measures to increase the cleansing of the body and create a healthy body image. Recognizing sources of exposure and stopping exposure.
  5. Restoration of the organism’s self-healing powers.

The treatment concept should include various options to individually increase the release of toxins from deep layers of tissue. This can make the therapy more effective and less complicated.

INUSpheresis® Side Effects and Risks

Many thousands of INUSpheresis® treatments have now been successfully performed and no significant side effects have been identified.

Possible side effects and risks include:

  • Dizziness
  • Short-term low blood pressure
  • Post-treatment bleeding and bruising at the puncture site
  • Nerve injury during puncture
  • Allergic reaction to the heparin

Additional Disadvantages of INUSpheresis®

Before undergoing INUSpheresis® treatment, an injection of approximately 5000 IU of heparin is necessary. This involves a low-dose administration, comparable to thromboembolism prophylaxis before surgeries.

Two accesses need to be established in the elbow creases to facilitate the removal of contaminated blood and the reintroduction of purified blood.

The duration of an INUSpheresis® session is approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Advantages of INUSpheresis®

  • An effective and gentle method for cleansing blood, extracellular matrix, intracellular space, and mitochondria.
  • Various harmful substances are filtered out of the bloodstream.
  • Relieves the immune system and detoxifies the body.
  • No loss of essential electrolytes and blood plasma proteins. Only altered and pathological protein structures are filtered out.

INUSpheresis® Experiences

INUSpheresis® draws upon approximately 20 years of experience and research, showcasing the positive effects of this method. Various experiences and testimonials from treated patients can be found on the internet.

INUSpheresis® Costs

The costs of an INUSpheresis® treatment range from 3,000 CHF to 3,500 CHF, depending on the indication and the necessary filter. Currently, the costs of INUSpheresis® are not covered by health insurance.

Dr. med. Karsten Ostermann M.A.

Inuspheresis should be integrated into a complete and well-rounded therapy concept. This is important in order to further optimise the effect of Inuspheresis and to use the full potential of this treatment method.

Dr. Karsten Ostermann

Frequently asked Questions about INUSpheresis®

Many patients have open questions regarding INUSpheresis®. We strive to answer all your questions as best as we can.

According to Chief Physician Dr. Richard Straube, INUSpheresis® shows promising results in cases of Long Covid/Post Covid.

Various therapists and patients report positive results after vaccination side effects. However, reliable studies on this matter are still pending.

Currently, there is no insurance coverage for the costs of INUSpheresis®.

There are some contraindications, such as severe circulatory problems or significant coagulation disorders, which must always be assessed individually.

Before the therapy, a thorough individual history and diagnostics (e.g., blood tests and ultrasound) should always be conducted.

No, only a low dose of Heparin is necessary for INUSpheresis®.

You may feel tired for a few days and experience an increased appetite.

Rest for a few days, avoid stress, and refrain from sports and sauna for a while. Immediately after INUSpheresis®, it is advisable not to actively participate in traffic (car and bicycle).

Further information

Further information intended to give a better overview of the topic.