At the Alpine BioMedical Clinic, we offer scientifically proven and effective therapies as part of our treatment concept to provide high-quality, integrative health care.

  • Intestinal Cleanse

    Intestinal cleansing should always be planned and supervised by an experienced therapist.

    Intestinal cleansing
  • Acupuncture

    Thin needles are used to stimulate specific points in the body and set healing effects in motion.

  • Lymphatic Drainage

    Lymphatic drainage is based on restoring physiological lymph flow and preventing lymphatic blockages.

  • Fever Therapy

    Fever therapy uses the healing effect of fever to effectively treat various illnesses.

    Fever therapy
  • Mitochondrial Therapy

    Healthy mitochondrial function is essential for long-term health. This is precisely where mitochondrial therapy comes in.

    Mitochondrial therapy
  • IHHT

    IHHT is a method that utilizes the health-promoting effects of altitude training.

  • Cupping

    Cupping is a traditional therapy method and can be specifically incorporated into an individual therapy plan.

    Cupping therapy
  • Neural Therapy

    Neural therapy uses the properties of the autonomic nervous system and can activate the body's self-healing powers.

    Neural therapy
  • Sanum Therapy

    Sanum therapy uses medicines made from microorganisms and aims to regulate natural regulatory processes.

    Sanum Therapy
  • Infusion Therapy

    Infusion therapy can be used to deliver active ingredients directly into the bloodstream, providing an effective therapeutic effect.

    Infusion therapy
  • Intravenous Laser Therapy

    Laser light exhibits health effects, depending on the wavelength, and can be used effectively intravenously.

    Intravenous laser therapy
  • Hyperthermia

    Hyperthermia involves placing the body in a deep state of hyperthermia in order to accelerate the healing of the disease.

    Hyperthermia therapy
  • Ozone Therapy

    The active oxygen molecule ozone has a variety of properties in the body and can be implemented into therapy.

    Ozone therapy
  • INUSpheresis®

    INUSpheresis®, also known as environmental apheresis, is a tried and tested and scientifically proven method of blood washing.


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