Long Covid

Long Covid

Long COVID is the generic term for health complaints after an infection with the coronavirus, provided the symptoms persist for four to twelve weeks afterwards. If those affected still have symptoms more than twelve weeks after a COVID infection, this is referred to as post-COVID.

The terms long COVID and post COVID are also used as synonyms by many people.

Symptoms of Long COVID

The most common symptoms include:

  • Chronic exhaustion and fatigue
  • Shortness of breath and loss of resilience
  • Persistent cough
  • Muscle pain and muscle weakness
  • Concentration and memory disorders (brain fog)
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression and listlessness
  • Anxiety and palpitations
  • Loss of taste

Triggers and Causes of Long Covid

Exact triggers for long COVID are not yet fully understood, but a combination of immune responses, inflammation, environmental factors and existing viral particles are thought to be involved. An already weakened body has more trouble fighting off infections, increasing the chance of developing long COVID.

Therapy for Long COVID

Treatment options for long COVID are varied and include rehabilitation programs, physiotherapy exercises, psychological support and drug treatments to alleviate specific symptoms.

A holistic approach focuses on optimizing the immune system. It must be clarified in advance whether balancing, calming or strengthening the immune system is appropriate. Chronic poisoning can be tackled with suitable detoxification measures to improve the body’s function.

In severe cases, INUSpheresis, a special method of blood purification, can be used to rid the body of harmful immune complexes, pathological proteins and toxins. In this way, the body can be effectively supported in coping with the long-term effects of COVID-19.

However, methods such as ozone therapy, infusion therapy, intravenous laser therapy and hyperthermia are also valuable supportive measures for long COVID.

Long COVID research is currently in full swing and the medical community is working hard to develop more effective therapies. Until these are available, early diagnosis and personalized treatment remain crucial to adequately support those affected.

Dr. med. Karsten Ostermann M.A.

Long COVID is a major challenge for those affected and can have a massive impact on quality of life. We are happy to help you.

Dr. Karsten Ostermann

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