Fatigue is a multifaceted symptom that can have physical, emotional and psychological causes and manifests itself in persistent tiredness, fatigue, concentration problems and reduced performance.

A wide range of illnesses can be associated with exhaustion. In this section you will find the illnesses associated with fatigue.

  • Sleep Disorders

    Sleep disorders are a widespread problem, mostly triggered by lifestyle problems, that can severely impact quality of life.

  • Depression

    Depression involves a depressed mood, reduced drive and anxiety.

  • ME-CFS

    ME-CFS stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and is characterised by severe fatigue.

    ME-CFS Myalgische Enzephalomyelitis / Chronisches Fatigue-Syndrom (ME-CFS)
  • Fatigue

    The ‘Fatigue’ blog category covers conditions associated with profound energy depletion.


Diagnosing the Causes of Fatigue

A comprehensive medical examination and a detailed medical history form the basis of the diagnosis. Blood tests, hormone analyses and, if necessary, imaging procedures can also be helpful.

Complementary medical diagnostics such as an examination of the intestinal flora are also of great importance. Leaky gut or SIBO can lead to systemic immune reactions and thus to tiredness and exhaustion.

A thorough medical examination is crucial in order to identify the specific causes and develop an individual treatment strategy.