New Patients

Dear patients, we would like to welcome you to Alpine BioMedical.

In this section we would like to inform you about what you need to bear in mind for your first appointment with us.

Please read the information carefully so that we can make all the necessary preparations for your first appointment.

Searching for and treating the cause of the illness

Alpine BioMedical is based on a biological-integrative therapy concept, in which biological medicine and naturopathy are integrated into the principles of scientific medicine. Our work is always based on the latest scientific findings, using clinically recognized and proven procedures.

The focus of our therapy concept is on the thorough identification of the cause of the illness.

The search for the cause consists of the following points:

  • In-depth anamnesis, i.e. the professional inquiry of the patient’s medical history.
  • Strategically correct diagnostics, which provide our doctors with further clues to the cause of the illness.
  • Thorough follow-up and evaluation of all information and creation of an individual and effective treatment plan.

After the doctor has evaluated the cause of the illness, the individual treatment of the cause of the illness takes place. You will receive intensive support from our team to ensure the best possible result.

You will also receive the best possible support along the way, the therapies will be constantly adapted and, if necessary, further specialists will be consulted.

The search for the cause of the illness and its treatment is very time-consuming and requires a wealth of experience on the part of the doctor. We take this time because you and your concerns are important to us,

Treatment Costs

Swiss health insurance companies only cover a small proportion of the services we offer. For example, a number of diagnostic procedures and therapies such as INUSpheresis®, hyperthermia, fever therapy, various infusion therapies, laser therapy and much more are not covered by health insurance.

For this reason, our doctors are available exclusively as private physicians. Coverage of costs by health insurance is not possible.

We are here for you

Our experienced team is there for you at all times and is on hand to answer any questions you may have about your health.