Medical Laboratory

Laboratory diagnostics is an important method of investigation, in which materials such as blood, urine, saliva, stool, or hair are analyzed in a biomedical laboratory. The results can provide insight into physical deficiencies, infections, chronic poisonings, or immunological disturbances.

  • Stool Examination

    A stool examination not only provides information about the digestive tract, but can also be useful in diagnosing cancer.

    Stool examination
  • Saliva Examination

    Saliva is also a valuable diagnostic medium and can be analyzed if necessary.

    Saliva Examination
  • Urinalysis

    A urine test can provide the therapist with further clues in finding the cause.

  • Hair Analysis

    The composition of the hair can be analyzed and provide indications of causal relationships.

    Hair analysis
  • Blood Test

    A blood test provides the therapist with valuable information about the cause of the disorders.

    Blood test


Correctly performed laboratory diagnostics are a prerequisite for effective cause identification and a flawless execution of the therapy. The information obtained completes the picture of the patient's situation and can help to take precautions and carry out the therapy more effectively. As no single laboratory offers all necessary analyses, Alpine BioMedical Clinic collaborates with various specialized laboratories.

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