Diagnostics are an important part of the medical search for causes of health issues. With the help of specialised diagnostic tests, doctors can determine the type of illness and underlying causes.

  • Metabolic Analysis

    Accurate and validated measuring instruments should be used to analyze metabolism to avoid misinterpretation.

    Metabolic analysis
  • Body Composition

    Body composition should be determined using a validated and reliable instrument.

    Body composition
  • ECG

    The ECG is a method used to record and evaluate the electrical activity of the heart.

  • Dark Field Microscopy

    Dark-field microscopy examines living blood and provides important information about the state of health.

    Dark-field microscopy
  • Ultrasound Diagnostics

    Ultrasound is a harmless method that can be used to visualize internal structures.

    Ultrasound diagnostics
  • Oxidative Stress Test

    Oxidative stress can take a heavy toll on health. A test can provide crucial information.

    Oxidative stress test


With the help of laboratory diagnostics, materials such as blood, urine, saliva, stool or hair can be examined in a biomedical laboratory and provide valuable information about the state of health. The laboratory findings provide information about deficiencies, infections, toxic stress or disorders of the immune system.

  • Stool Examination

    A stool examination not only provides information about the digestive tract, but can also be useful in diagnosing cancer.

    Stool examination
  • Saliva Examination

    Saliva is also a valuable diagnostic medium and can be analyzed if necessary.

    Saliva Examination
  • Urinalysis

    A urine test can provide the therapist with further clues in finding the cause.

  • Hair Analysis

    The composition of the hair can be analyzed and provide indications of causal relationships.

    Hair analysis
  • Blood Test

    A blood test provides the therapist with valuable information about the cause of the disorders.

    Blood test

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