Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease characterised by recurring shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing and chest tightness. This is triggered by the contraction and swelling of the airways and increased mucus production. The intensity can range from mild symptoms to the inability to breathe and the feeling of suffocation. Asthma can be triggered by allergies such as pollen allergy, house dust allergy, but also by air pollution, smoking, infectious diseases or physical exertion. Genetic factors also play a role. Conventional treatment includes anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic medication.

Dr. med. Karsten Ostermann M.A.

As the disease leads to structural changes in the airways if left untreated and makes treatment much more difficult, early diagnosis and a personalised approach in consultation with a lung specialist and holistic doctors is essential to effectively control asthma and improve the quality of life.

Dr. Karsten Ostermann

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