The meridian system, a central concept of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), describes a complex network of energy pathways in the body through which the life energy Qi flows.
There are a total of twelve main meridians, each of which is connected to a specific organ and functional group. If there are blockages in these pathways, symptoms can manifest to varying degrees.

What are meridians?

Meridians are energetic pathways that run through the body as vascular nerve bundles and are embedded in the extracellular matrix, the body’s living connective tissue. If a diseased organ is located on the meridian, this can lead to disorders of the connected organs. An example of a frequently diseased organ is a tooth. Each tooth can be assigned to a specific meridian. If a person has a diseased tooth with hidden jaw inflammation, this leads to a permanent weakening of all organs located on the meridian. Diseases can develop in parts of the body that are far away from the tooth and are difficult to assign to the tooth.

The teachings of meridians come from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Acupuncture and cupping are some proven forms of TCM therapy that use the teachings of these connections to release blockages and promote healing.
The fields of application of the meridian system cover a wide range of health conditions.
Acupuncture is used successfully in the treatment of pain, whether it is chronic pain, migraines or muscular issues. The meridian system is also used in the treatment of stress reduction, sleep disorders, emotional imbalances and various functional disorders, including hormonal imbalances.

Although the specific mechanisms of the meridians are not yet fully understood by modern science, the increasing acceptance and integration of acupuncture into Western medicine demonstrates the success of this traditional, medical concept. Research and studies are focused on exploring the physiological basis of the body meridians and understanding the effects of acupuncture at a neurological and cellular level.

Med. pract. Dana Hreus M.A.

The teachings of the meridian system represents a fascinating combination of traditional knowledge and modern research, which enables the integration of Eastern and Western healing methods and focuses on a holistic view of the human being.

Med. pract. Dana Hreus M.A.

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